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Easy Heat Wood Fuel Pellets Review

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Rapid details of hot wood fuel pellet review

Title: hot wood fuel pellets

Application: cooking fuel

Materials: biomass materials

Wood type: pine, acacia, cashew, etc

Features: green environmental protection

Diameter: 6 mm-10 mm

Length: 30 mm ~ 50 mm

Moisture (%): ≤ 10%

Ash content (%): 8

Shape: small ball, coal block

Uses: cooking, barbecue, residential heating, power generation, etc

About wood fuel:

Biomass fuel has become the mainstream in the field of clean energy because of its versatility and ease of manufacture. Shavings, tree tops and branches, and other discarded sawdust are compressed and pressed to the desired shape.

Wood particles are biomass fuels, which are made of wood shavings, sawdust and logging residues. Compared with the traditional fossil fuel, heating with wood particles has obvious advantages

Biomass fuel application:

Mixed combustion of pulverized coal and fluidized bed energy plants

Biomass energy plant

Cogeneration plant

Industrial scale public and private heating

Biomass fuel

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