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Biomass Sawdust Fuel

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Biomass sawdust fuel

Purpose: heat supply and power generation

Diameter: 6-10 mm

Shape: particles

How are biomass particles made

Biomass solid briquetting fuel technology is to dry various biomass such as straws and branches which are originally dispersed and have no certain shape under certain temperature and pressure

It is a new technology of drying, crushing and compressing into various briquette fuels with certain shape and high density. Its products are rod, block and Granular Briquette Fuel with a density of

8-1.4 g / cm3, with a calorific value of about 16720 kJ / kg. Its performance is better than wood, equivalent to medium quality bituminous coal, can be directly burned, combustion characteristics

At the same time, it has the advantages of less black smoke, strong fire, full combustion, no fly ash, clean and sanitary, and extremely micro emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur oxides

(SOx). Moreover, it is easy to transport and store, so it can be used as a commodity instead of coal to burn directly in boilers for power generation or heating. It's OK

It is used to solve the basic living energy problems in rural areas.

Biomass pellet production

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