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Biomass Pellet Burning Wood Lump Coal

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Biomass pellet burning wood lump coal

Application: heating, power generation

Diameter: 6-10 mm

Shape: coal ball

About block coal

  Wood Pellets for Heating and Co-firing in Power PlantsCoal has a pivotal role in electricity production 

from coal firing power plants. Coal firing plants contributed to 41.30% of world’s total electricity 

production in 2013.2 As per the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) regulation, new coal power plants 

cannot emit more than 1,400 lbs of CO2for each MW.h of electricity generated.7 However, the amount of CO2  released from coal plants is substantially higher than the requirement.8 Since biomass-based fuels are  known to be environment-friendly and carbon neutral energy resources, the use of wood and/or other  biomass-derived solid fuels for co-firing with coal is a quick, inexpensive, and practical way to meet

Production of block coal

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