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Wood Pellet Smoker Fuel

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Fast details of wood particulate fumigation fuel

Name: Wood particulate smoke fuel

Application: biomass boiler fuel

Diameter: 6mm-8mm

Calorific value: ≥ 4200kcal / kg

Moisture: 1-3%

Ash content: 3-6%

Carbon content: 75-85%

Wood particles: heated bulk wood particles

Shape: stick, coal, stick

Material: Pine

Uses: cooking, barbecue, residential heating, power generation, etc

Properties of wood fuel:

1. The physical properties of the fuel and coal are similar - it can be used as an alternative to iron making and coke, and can be mixed with coal into the generating set without restriction.

2. It is grindable and hydrophobic, and easy to store. It can be stored outdoors, even if it is dropped into water.

3. The energy density of carbonized particles is 6-10 times higher than that of wood blocks - the cost of inland transportation and storage is low.

4. The calorific value increased by about 20%.

Wood fuel

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