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Green Supreme Premium Wood Pellet Fuel

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Fast details of green high quality wood pellet fuel

Name: green high quality wood pellet fuel

Application: heating system

Material: wooden

Features: green environmental protection

Diameter: 6 mm-10 mm

Length: 10-40mm

Moisture (%): ≤ 10%

Ash content (%): 8

Shape: ball, coal, stick, etc

Uses: cooking, barbecue, residential heating, power generation, etc

Wood biomass combustion block:

Biomass pellet fuel renewable new energy, wood fuel, clean energy, fuel boiler, high heat pure sawdust biomass particles.

The composition of straw briquette fuel is as follows

Straw briquette fuel is composed of combustible materials, minerals and water, mainly containing carbon (c), hydrogen (H), oxygen (o), a small amount of nitrogen (n), sulfur (s), and ash and moisture. The following


These include:

Carbon: biomass fuel briquetting fuel has low carbon content (about 40-45%), especially the fixed carbon content is low and easy to burn.

Hydrogen: biomass fuel briquetting fuel has high hydrogen content (about 8-10%) and high volatility (about 75%). Most of the carbon and hydrogen in biomass fuel combine to form low molecular hydrocarbons

After thermal decomposition

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