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Biomass Fuel Pellets

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Fast details of biomass fuel pellets

Name: biomass fuel pellets

Application: cooking fuel

Diameter: 6mm-8mm

Moisture (%): 8

Ash content (%): 0.5

Wood particles: heated bulk wood particles

Shape: stick, coal, stick

Materials: mixed wood, pine, locust

Use of wood particles:

1. Civil heating and living energy: high combustion utilization rate, easy to store, easy to use, safe and hygienic.

2. Biomass industrial boiler: as the main fuel of industrial boiler, it can replace coal, heavy oil and natural gas to solve environmental pollution. Used for drying, spray curing, hot stove, fireplace, air conditioning and other heating equipment.

3. Power generation: it can be used as fuel for thermal power generation. Every 10000 tons of biomass fuel produces heat equivalent to 450 cubic meters of natural gas, or 470 liters of diesel and 700 liters of gasoline. 175 tons of SO2, 85 tons of soot and 16000 tons of CO2 will be reduced.

As a new type of granular fuel, wood particles have been widely recognized for its unique advantages. Compared with the traditional fuel, it has not only economic advantages but also environmental benefits, which fully meets the requirements of sustainable development.

Wood fuel

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