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Youth Washing Backpack Travel Men And Women

Product Details


Youth Washing Backpack Travel Men and Women

Origin: China(Mainland)

Product Name: Youth Washing Backpack Travel Men and Women

Type: Travel, Storage

Size: Size customizable

Purpose: Storage

Shape: Custom Shape

Emblem: accept custom logo

Initial quantity: 500

Sampling time: 5-7 days

Supply Capacity of Teen Washing Backpacks

Availability: 200,000 per month

Packaging details: 1 plastic bag/plastic bag

Can water wash what characteristic does paper have?

The raw material of waterwashed Kraft paper is natural fiber pulp, which has the characteristics of high suture strength, strong wear resistance, and high softness.

Possess no harmful substances, recycling, degradable, recyclable and reused.

Washing Paper Series Style

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