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Washing Small Bag Of Beatskin Paper

1. Environmental protection, light
2. Storage, decoration

Product Details

Washing small bag of beatskin paper

Origin: China(Mainland)

Product Name: Water Washing Paper Small Flower Basins

Color: Customizable

Size: Custom Size

Uses: Can be used to store clothing and toys and fruits, can also be used as flower pots Oh

Style: Place, store

Features: Low-carbon and environmentally friendly waterwashing Kraft paper is a new kind of low-carbon and environmentally friendly material. The raw materials are natural fiber pulp and do not contain harmful substances.

degradability, recycling

Sampling time: 5-8 days

Availability: 50,000 items per month

Turnaround time: 20-35 days

Customize the project please contact us! as follows

1. Custom logo

2. Custom colors and types

3. Customize portable types

4. Custom Size

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