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Refrigerated Self Sealing Bag

Product Details


Quick details of refrigerated self sealing bags

Product Name: Refrigerated self sealing bag

Materials: food grade silica gel

Color: various colors are available

Scope of application: refrigerated, boiled and microwave heated

Temperature resistance range: - 30 ~ 180 ° C

Uses: vegetables, fish, meat, soup, snacks, nuts, cereals and other food can be stored fresh.

Advantages of silicone bag

1. Safety material: food grade silica gel material, in line with FDA standards, without fillers or impurities.

2. Functions: self sealing, fully sealed storage, heating, refrigeration,

3. Good temperature resistance: the temperature can withstand high temperature up to 180 ° C, and there will be no odor.

4. Reuse: easy to clean and reusable.

5. Sealed and fresh keeping without odor: it is specially designed for food preservation, which is not easy to breed bacteria and prevent cross flavor.

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