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Quick Details Of PLA Straw Customization

Product Details


Quick Details of PLA Straw Customization

Origin: China (Mainland)

Features: biodegradable, environmentally friendly and fashionable

Dimensions: customized according to customer requirements

Application: Restaurant

Custom Order: Accepted

Quotation time: within 24 hours

Supply capacity of PLA straw

Availability: 6 million pieces/piece per month

Custom biodegradable straw

Packing and transporting plastic bags

Product description of PLA straw

1. Environmentally friendly and nontoxic materials.

2. Delivery on time.

3. High quality and competitive price.

Polylactic acid [PLA] fiber is made from starch-containing products such as corn, wheat and beet through lactic acid fermentation, polycondensation and melt spinning. Polylactic acid fiber is a kind of plant that can be planted easily.

Synthetic fibers and waste materials can be naturally degraded in nature. It can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by microorganism in soil or seawater, and will not emit toxic gas and cause pollution during combustion. It is a kind of

Ecological fiber for sustainable development.

Polylactic acid series products

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