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Green Tote Bag

Green Tote Bag

Product Details

Degradable environmentally friendly handbag


Fast Details of Polylactic Acid Resin

Origin: China(Mainland)

Type: 100 % biodegradable material

Advantages: Manufacturer

Appearance: White granules

Melting point: 155-170 °C

Product name: degradable handbag

Features: degradable, recyclable

Availability of polylactic acid resins

Supply capacity: 17,000 tons per ton per year

Description of Polylactic Acid Resin Products

Polylactic acid is an abbreviation of polylactic acid. It comes from natural, renewable starchy crops such as corn and potatoes, also known as corn

Plastic ". Polylactic acid has similar mechanical properties to PETE polymers, but the maximum continuous use temperature is significantly lower. Heat resistant polylactic acid can withstand 110

Temperature 100 % compost and biodegradable: under composting conditions, polylactic acid will decompose into lactic acid. Lactic acid is broken down by bacteria into water and dioxide.

Carbon. Depending on the size and thickness of the product, it takes 90-180 days under compost conditions.

Green Tote Bag

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