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Degradable Food Packaging Bag

Product Details

Degradable  Food  Packaging Bag

Name:Degradable  Food  Packaging Bag

Origin: China(Mainland)

Uses: food, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables

Characteristic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly

Size: Customizable

Type: Bags

Availability of degradable food plastic bags

Availability "10 tons per month

Delivery within 20 days of payment

Product description of degradable food packaging

1. Made of corn starch, biodegradable, synthetic, and environmentally friendly.

2. We have our own technicians to make molds so that we can customize them easily and cheaply

4. Healthy: Natural substances that are harmless to soil or air after degradation.

5. Sustainability: Corn starch is a renewable resource.

Customize the project please contact us! as follows

1. Custom logo

2. Custom colors and types

3. Customize portable types

4. Custom Size

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