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Shopping Bag Handles Are Environmentally Friendly

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Shopping bag handles are environmentally friendly

Origin: China (Mainland)

Features: Environmentally friendly and degradable

Dimensions: Custom

Applications: shopping, everyday

Custom Order: Accepted

Supply Capacity of Shopping Bags

Availability: 80000/month

MOQ: 500 pieces

Packing details: 1 plastic bag/plastic bag

Quotation time: within 24 hours

Sampling time: 4-7 days

Use of corn fiber: polylactic acid fiber is a lactic acid polymer synthesized from lactic acid contained in human body, which is absolutely safe for human body.

Tests show that the circular knitted fabric made of corn fiber does not irritate skin, is beneficial to human health and feels comfortable. Polylactic acid fiber has superior performance, excellent drapability, smoothness, moisture permeability and natural antibacterial property.

Sex, make the skin to ensure weak acidity, good heat resistance and anti-ultraviolet function, rich luster and elasticity. The polylactic acid fiber fabric has good drapability, and the smoothness, softness, hydrophilicity and luster close to skin are obtained.

This is a good embodiment, which makes corn fiber have obvious development advantages in underwear, sportswear and other aspects. In 2004, the three major domestic famous brands Shanghai were colorful and Qingdao was warm.


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