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Polylactic Acid Fiber

Product Details


Quick Details of Polylactic Acid Fiber

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Brand Name:ECOLIFE

Model Number:F-200

Product Type: Other Fiber

Pattern: PLA DTY

Feature: Anti-Bacteria

Use: Filling Material

Material: 100% Polylactic

Fiber Length: 38mm/51mm/76mm

Fineness: 1.5D-9D

Color: any colors

Packaging: 220kg / Pressed Bale

SupplyAbility of Polylactic Acid Fiber

SupplyAbility: 200 Ton/Metric Tons per Day 

Characteristics of Polylactic Acid Fiber

1.Stable and enough temperature gap for easy thermal processing 

2.Thermoplastic and self-adhesive properties

3.Excellent skin affinity

4.Anti-bacteria and anti-allergy naturally 

5.Ideal substitutes for low melt PET/PET,PET/PE,PP/PE FIBERS

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