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What Is Degradable

Apr 23, 2019

What Is Degradable

Degradable garbage refers to organic waste that can be naturally decomposed, including paper, wood, plants, food, faeces, fertilizers, etc.. Biochemical reactions occur under the action of microorganisms(bacteria, molds, algae). Causes changes in various aspects such as appearance mildew to internal mass changes, and eventually forms compounds such as carbon dioxide and water that are common in nature. Waste can be degraded, greatly reducing the impact on the environment. However, degradation is not necessarily equivalent to the most environmentally friendly, because degradable waste can also cause pollution to soil, groundwater, etc. if it is not scientifically managed and piled at will.

Therefore, whether it is renewable, reusable or degradable, it is a relatively environmentally friendly performance, but it must be judged according to specific conditions such as market conditions, transportation routes, management measures, etc.. Which is superior.