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What Is Biomass Pellet Fuel

Jul 08, 2020

  As a new type of pellet fuel, biomass pellet has won wide recognition for their unique advantages. Compared with traditional fuels, it has not only economic advantages but also environmental benefits, which fully meets the requirements of sustainable development. The formed pellet fuel has the advantages of large proportion, small volume, combustion resistance and easy storage and transportation. The volume is 1/30-40 of the raw material volume, and the specific gravity is 10-15 times of the raw material (density is 0.8-1.4). The calorific value can reach 3400-6000 calories. It is a solid fuel with high volatile phenols.

Because biomass pellet fuel does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, it does not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide when burning, so it will not lead to acid rain, pollute the atmosphere, and do not pollute the environment.