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Washable Paper, A Great Revolution In China Paper Industry

Dec 03, 2020

  Ordering takeaway, grocery shopping, supermarket shopping...Plastic bags have become an indispensable part of our daily life.

  China consumes a large number of plastic bags every year, which not only provides convenience for people's life, but also causes serious waste of energy and resources and environmental pollution, becoming the main source of "white pollution".

  But now, a new degradable material, washable paper, has emerged, which is similar to cloth. This green and environment-friendly paper has quickly set off a "revolutionary storm" in China's paper industry.

  What kind of magical paper is this?

  Each piece of paper is similar to the ordinary paper we use, but after soaking in water, the tension of the paper is magically increased by 1000 times!And even if soaked in water, they will not encounter water melting, repeated rubbing rub after no fluff, no chip.

  Washable paper is completely biodegradable. 

  The washable paper is made from green, non-toxic materials, paper is made from wood pulp and glue is edible.Buried in dry soil, it can be eaten by microorganisms in 60 days, or about 45 days in moist soil.

  The world is clearing about three Great Khingan Mountains of forest each year for paper and furniture.

  The washable paper can be reused many times, the great significance of this invention is that the washable paper can not only be widely used in the medical industry at home and abroad, but also in the future in the FMCG market, "save paper" will no longer be an empty slogan.

  Washable paper will greatly reduce the capacity of the paper industry, greatly reduce the deforestation of forest resources, and solve the problem of sewage and carbon emissions that have long plagued the paper industry.