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The Use Of Corn Fiber

Aug 17, 2018

The use of corn fiber: Polylactic acid fiber is the human body contains lactic acid as raw material synthesized lactic acid polymer, for the human body is absolutely safe.

After testing, the circular knitted fabric made of corn fiber will not stimulate the skin, and is beneficial to human health, and has a comfortable feeling. Polylactic acid Fiber superior performance, has excellent drape, smoothness, moisture permeability, natural antibacterial and make the skin assured weak acidity, good heat resistance and anti-ultraviolet function and full of luster and elasticity. PLA fiber fabric drape, close to the skin of the smooth feeling and soft, hydrophilic, luster Luster has been very good embodiment, so that the corn fiber in the underwear, sportswear and other aspects of the development of significant advantages, 2004 domestic three well-known brands in Shanghai colorful, Qingdao warm times son,

Shanghai can fly and so on has launched the use of corn fiber thermal underwear.

Corn fiber and cotton, wool and other natural fiber blended into new textile products, it has a good form of maintenance, better gloss, silk-like feel, good moisture and fast drying effect, set neat, good elasticity, gloss beautiful effect in a.

In addition to clothing, it can be widely used in civil engineering, buildings, agroforestry, aquaculture, paper industry, health care and household products, PLA fiber can also be used to produce biodegradable packaging materials.

Recycled raw Materials: PLA fiber uses natural renewable plant resources as raw material, reduces the dependence on traditional petroleum resources, accords with the requirement of sustainable development of the International society, it has the advantages of synthetic fibres and natural fibres, and has the characteristics of completely natural circulation and biodegradable, and compared with conventional fiber materials,

Corn fiber also has a lot of unique properties, so the international textile industry has received wide attention.

Environmental protection:

With the human consciousness of protecting the earth, the energy exhaustion Consciousness, the safety consciousness and the clothing hygiene consciousness enhancement, as well as the PLA tree Ester's large-scale industrialized production and the corn fiber application domain unceasing expansion, has been recommended by many experts as "21st century environmental circulation material", is one kind of extremely has the development potential ecological fiber.