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Raw Materials Of Polylactic Acid Fiber

Aug 17, 2018

The production of PLA is rich in raw materials, such as sugar beet, corn and so on, and can be obtained through continuous cultivation of these materials. This will have a protective effect on limited oil and timber resources, as no oil or wood is used. Polylactic acid is the raw material of lactic acid, that is, hydroxy propionic acid, 2-hydroxy propionic acid. Because there is an asymmetric carbon atom in the lactic acid molecule, there are two enantiomers of D-type (right rotation light) and L-type (left light), and the DL-lactic acid, which is mixed with the same L-lactic acid and D-lactic acid, is not optical activity. Poly (L-lactic acid) was used as monomer. [3] The main industrial production of L-lactic acid is microbial fermentation and chemical synthesis of two major categories.