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How To Store Wood Pellet Fuel

Aug 07, 2020

In the storage process of pine pellet fuel, the main factors affecting the particle are temperature, humidity and storage. If the humidity is too high and the temperature is too high, the pine pellet fuel may become moldy and cracked, and may also cause the change of heating and durability of pine pellet fuel, which will adversely affect the transportation and application of pine pellet fuel.

The storage environment of pine pellet fuel is limited by the humidity of 10 ℃, which is less than 10 ℃ for 6 months, and the storage time is more than 10 ℃, usually 1-3 months. Therefore, when storing pine pellet fuel, we must choose a good environment to ensure that the humidity and temperature are within the normal range.

The storage capacity of pine pellet fuel is usually determined according to the actual use, and how much is stored for use. Storage once a month is enough, and try to avoid a large amount of storage space at one time.

Pine particles