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How Much Do You Know About Corn Fiber

Oct 30, 2019

Use of corn fiber: polylactic acid fiber is a lactic acid polymer synthesized from lactic acid contained in human body, which is absolutely safe for human body.

Tests show that the circular knitted fabric made of corn fiber does not irritate skin, is beneficial to human health and feels comfortable. Polylactic acid fiber has superior performance and excellent performance

Different drapability, smoothness, moisture permeability and natural antibacterial properties ensure weak acidity, good heat resistance and anti-ultraviolet function of skin, rich luster and elasticity.

Sex. The polylactic acid fiber fabric has good drapability, and the smoothness, softness, hydrophilicity and luster close to the skin are well reflected, so that corn fiber is included.

Apparel, sportswear and other aspects of development advantages are remarkable. In 2004, the three major domestic famous brands Shanghai was colorful, Qingdao was warm.

Renewable raw materials: polylactic acid fiber uses natural renewable plant resources as raw materials, reducing dependence on traditional petroleum resources and meeting the sustainable requirements of the international community

The development requirement has the advantages of synthetic fibers and natural fibers, and has the characteristics of complete natural circulation and biodegradability. Compared with traditional fiber materials,

Corn fiber also has many unique properties, so the international textile industry has received extensive attention.

Environmental protection:

With the enhancement of human consciousness of protecting the earth, energy exhaustion, safety and clothing hygiene, and the large-scale industrial production of polylactic acid resin

And is recommended by many experts as "environmental recycling material in the 21st century". It is an ecological fiber with great development potential.

Protect the earth