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How Are Fuel Particles Produced

Sep 04, 2020

The small fuel particles are formed under the influence of high pressure and high temperature of 300 ATM. In the process, an interesting substance is released from the ground, which is called lignin. It provides a high quality paste of material fragments separated from the particles. The length of a particle can vary from 15 to 30 mm. The diameter of the particles is 6-8 mm. No wonder they are classified as environmentally friendly solid fuels because only natural materials are used in their production process. During the combustion of granular solid fuel, the maximum amount of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere in the particle boiler can be ignored. The decomposition of wood under natural conditions is accompanied by the release of the same amount of carbon dioxide. Particulate - an environmentally friendly and very economical solid fuel for fireplaces, stoves, boilers.

Fuel particles