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Cost Analysis Of Biomass Pellet

Jul 14, 2020

  Analyze the cost of using these energy sources. In terms of cost, coal < biomass particles < electricity < natural gas < oil.

1. The fuel cost of biomass pellet is slightly higher than that of coal, but much cheaper than electricity, natural gas and oil. its

The raw material is very environmental protection, is an ideal and reasonable price energy fuel.

2. Although the cost of electricity is not very high and it is environmentally friendly, it consumes a lot of electricity. When it comes to activities such as switching on the power supply and limiting the power supply, it will directly lead to useless, and the unreasonable voltage layout will also lead to power failure.

3. At present, the price of natural gas is not high, and the use of natural gas is also environmentally friendly.

4. The oil production capacity is very fast and convenient, but its crude oil price is too high, resulting in high cost.

Biomass particles