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Characteristics Of PLA Fiber

Aug 17, 2018

Polylactic acid fiber (PLA) production of raw materials lactic acid is made from corn starch, so the fiber is called corn fiber, can be used in sugar beet or cereal fermentation by glucose, to reduce the cost of preparing the lactic acid polymerization. High molecular weight polylactic acid can be obtained by chemical polymerization or direct polymerization of lactic acid.

The products obtained from polylactic acid have good biocompatibility and biological absorbency, antibacterial and flame retardant, and the PLA has the best heat resistance in biodegradable thermoplastic polymer materials.

PLA fibers have the same physical properties as pet fibers (i.e. polyester fibers), not only has the high crystallinity, but also has the same transparency, and because of its high crystallinity and high orientation, thus has the high heat resistance and the high-strength, and does not need the special equipment and the Operation Craft, uses the conventional processing craft to be able to carry on the spinning.