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Why are more and more people using paper bags and environmental bags, and plastic bags are used less and less?

Oct 26, 2018

Environmental protection bag: The advantage of non-woven fabric compared with paper and ordinary cloth is that the manufacturing process is short and basically does not produce waste water, waste gas and waste; in the process of use, it is foldable, easy to carry, and can be repeatedly cleaned and used; The heat or combustion of propylene produces carbon dioxide and water, which does not cause harm to the human body. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly when recycled. Compared with non-woven bags and plastic bags, the price is high, but it has the advantages of tensile, tear-resistant, anti-breaking, high strength, large elongation coefficient, high mechanical strength, etc., and has good gas permeability. , does not fade and other advantages.

In terms of thickness, the non-woven fabric is several times that of a plastic bag; in the manufacturing process, the plastic bag adopts a blow molding process, and the non-woven fabric adopts a spray molding process. These make the non-woven bag much stronger than the plastic bag. At the same time, the polyester component in the non-woven fabric makes it easy to clean and more reusable. Compared with various factors, non-woven bags are more practical than plastic bags and paper bags.

Paper bags: The mass production of paper bags will lead to deforestation, which is actually destroying the environment and is not conducive to environmental protection. This is actually a misunderstanding. The paper fiber of the recyclable paper bag is short and cannot be overloaded. If the weight is to be increased, it must be plasticized or glued. Plastics are still needed in this process. However, if we consider the current scarcity of tree resources and other factors, once a paper bag is used instead of a plastic bag, it is necessary to cut down a large area of trees, which will result in ecological damage. In fact, paper bags are not very environmentally friendly.

Plastic bag: It is not easy to degrade, and it will not rot in the underground for a long time, which will bring burden to the mother of the earth.