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What's the difference between a computer bag and an ordinary backpack?

Apr 02, 2020

What's the difference between a computer bag and an ordinary backpack?

1. Material of computer bag

The computer bag is mainly to protect the computer and other electrical appliances, so it can not be sloppy in the selection of materials. Generally, it will choose high-density nylon or polyester materials, especially polyester materials will be functional processing, such as waterproof and wear-resistant functions.

2. Inside the computer bag

The inner lining of the computer bag lies in the selection of lining and the sewing process. A good lining is based on the density (d). The higher the density, the better the gravity and pull. Generally, 150D lining is used as the minimum standard, while his sewing process needs to be turned back and forth at least twice to strengthen the inner lining structure.

3. Internal structure and material of computer bag

The special bag for computer mainly has a three-sided sandwich inside. The sandwich part is a thick sponge. The best one is pearl cotton. The sponge is added to protect the computer. It bumps and shakes the back and has certain heat dissipation function.

In addition, the current computer bag has all the functions of the ordinary backpack, such as free storage layer, grid bag and functional slot, so the backpack that many people will use outdoors is basically the computer backpack.