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What is Tyvek paper

Dec 04, 2020

Tyvek was invented in the 1950s and commercialized production began in the 1960s. 

Tyvek is a high-density polyethylene made from polymer which is processed into continuous filament by hot melting and then bonded by heat by using flash evaporation technology.

This unique technology enables Tyvek to combine the material characteristics of paper, film and weaving into one. It is waterproof, breathable, light, strong, tear resistant, puncture resistant, high reflectivity, diffuse reflectivity, uv resistant, unique texture and touch, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Good protection ability, superior anti-chemical properties: for most of the acid, alkali, salt is chemically inert, good liquid blocking protection function, because the fiber is fine, liquid water, oil and so can not easily permeate;

And gas and water vapor can be through, with excellent waterproof breathable performance.Good anti-penetration function of solid particles.Special physical structure, can completely block fine mites and dust, to prevent their penetration.Excellent bacteria-blocking effect.

So that it can be used in the packaging of sterile medical products.Low fluffing, durable, non-fluffing, high strength and excellent dimensional stability.Easy to process, due to water absorption, its dry, wet strength does not change.