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Market application of Polylactic acid

Aug 17, 2018

PLA has many applications, can be used in extrusion, injection molding, film, spinning and other fields, specific as follows:

⑴ Extrusion Grade Resin Extrusion grade resin is the main market application of PLA, mainly used in large supermarkets fresh fruit and vegetable packaging, this kind of packaging has become an important part of the European market chain, followed by some of the promotion of safety, energy-saving, environmental protection of electronic products packaging. In these uses PLA high transparency, high gloss, high steel, such as the advantages of the incisively and vividly, has been the leading direction of the PLA application.

In addition, the application of extrusion grade resin in horticulture has been paid attention to, in slope greening, sandstorm management and other fields have been applied. However, the PLA extrusion process is not easy, only suitable for some advanced pet extrusion machine processing, and the thickness of extruded sheet is generally only in the 0.2-1.0mm range. The process of moisture content and processing temperature is particularly sensitive, extrusion processing, the general requirements of its water content to less than 50PPM, this equipment drying system and temperature control system has put forward new requirements.

In the process of processing, if there is no suitable crystallization equipment, side material recovery is also a major problem, this is precisely the market has a large number of PLA scraps in circulation reasons.

⑵ Injection Grade Resin In the market application of the PLA injection molding, the more extensive is the modified resin. Although the pure PLA has high transparency, high gloss and other advantages, but its hard and brittle, processing difficult and heat resistance and other shortcomings affect its application in injection molding. Of course, the chemical and plastics industries have been working hard to solve these problems. For example, the use of BPM-500 additive can improve the impact strength of PLA, and adding a few vinyl copolymers called Biomax Strong can improve the toughness of PLA; with another biodegradable resin pha blending can improve some of the PLA's performance; Japanese scientists have issued a heat-resistant PLA resin that adds pulp. Through some of the above methods modified Polylactic acid products sacrificed transparency, but improved polylactic acid in heat resistance, flexibility, impact resistance and other aspects of the defects, improve the degree of ease of processing, so the scope of application has been expanded.

About 70% of the injection grade resin sold in the sea is modified polylactic acid. Overall, the relatively high cost of the PLA in the injection molding market is the biggest reason for widespread application.

Although pure resin can reduce some costs by filling and modifying, the effect of this measure is limited in the premise of ensuring its performance, and if it is necessary to improve the performance of PLA under the precondition of total biodegradation, such as heat resistance, the cost is higher.

⑶ Other grade resins Two-way tensile film is the most successful PLA film so far, after biaxial stretching and heat-formed PLA film heat-resistant temperature can be increased to 90 ℃, just make up for the PLA does not withstand the high temperature of this defect. Through the adjustment of biaxial stretching orientation and setting process, the heat sealing temperature of bopla film can be controlled in 70~160℃. This advantage is not available to ordinary bopet.

In addition, the Bopla film transmittance reaches 94%, the fog is very low, the surface gloss is also very good, this kind of film can be used for flower packaging, envelope transparent window film, candy packaging and so on. PLA Non-woven fabrics have been used in spunbonded non-woven fabrics, because the implementation of China's plastic restriction order, this non-woven in the production of shopping bags is more popular.

and blown film, leaching film these two areas because of the PLA itself some characteristics of the defects, the application is further explored, some successful application of the PLA modified after the use of.

[4] Heart Bracket The soluble polylactic acid stent is designed to absorb the benefits of existing devices and not leave "metal spiders" like metal stents, a "spider image" that occurs when an X-ray is taken on a patient, when the patient's coronary artery is fully stent-eluting. Existing stents do not contract and do not expand with the natural movement of the arteries.

Metal stents can cause fatal thrombosis and may interfere with future detection and surgery.