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Can the laptop bag be washed with water?

Apr 02, 2020

Can the laptop bag be washed with water?

The laptop bag can be washed with water.

Generally speaking, most of the computer bags are made of canvas or nylon. The laptop bags made of this kind of material can be dry cleaned or washed. The computer bags with more stripes and bright colors are better to be dry cleaned, otherwise they will fade.

If you have to wash it with water, you can use neutral and soft detergent, such as shampoo or detergent, and brush it back and forth along the lines with a small fluffy brush.

Of course, the final drying is a very important step. If you are afraid of cross color, wrap the cleaned computer bag with a large number of toilet paper. It must be close to the package surface, so as to prevent cross color and yellow canvas surface.

Special attention is to be paid to the fact that it must be dried in the shade or by air, and it is not allowed to be directly exposed to the sun. In addition, when drying, it is better to turn out the lining of the computer bag for drying, so as to prevent the surface of the computer bag from being damaged during the drying process.

Note: if the leather backpack can not be soaked to avoid sun exposure, remove the accessories before cleaning.