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Application of polylactic acid in bio-medicine field

Aug 17, 2018

Bio-Pharmaceutical industry is the earliest application of polylactic acid field. Polylactic acid for the human body has a high degree of security and can be absorbed by the organization, in addition to its excellent physical and mechanical properties, can also be applied in the biomedical field, such as disposable infusion tools, detachable surgical suture, drug relief packaging agent, artificial fracture of internal fixation materials, tissue repair materials, artificial skin. High molecular weight polylactic acid has a very strong mechanical properties, in Europe and the United States and other countries have been used to replace stainless steel, as a new type of orthopedic internal fixation materials such as bone nails, bone plate and is widely used, it can be absorbed by the body of the metabolic characteristics of the patient to avoid two of the pain Its high value-added technology, medical industry is the prospect of the development of polymer materials.