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Application of poly acid emulsion in industry

Aug 17, 2018

Automotive field: Japan Toray Company based on PLA resin modified technology, fiber manufacturing technology and dyeing processing technology, the development of high-performance PLA fiber as the main component of the vehicle cushion and spare tire box cover. The spare tyre cover has been used in the Toyota Motor Company's 2003 launch of the comprehensive improvement of the small car "Raum".

After the development of the foot mat and the spare tyre cover, Toray has developed the PLA products for other automobile parts, which are suitable for doors, wheels, seats and ceiling materials.

Disposable supplies Field: Polylactic acid in the human body is absolutely harmless characteristics of polylactic acid in disposable tableware, food packaging materials such as disposable products have a unique advantage. Its complete biodegradation also accords with the high demands of the world, especially the European Union, the United States and Japan for environmental protection. However, the use of polylactic acid raw materials processed disposable tableware there is no temperature resistance, oil and other defects. This causes its function to greatly discount, as well as in transit tableware deformation, brittle material, resulting in a large number of defective.

However, after the development of technology, the market has been modified by the PLA materials, can effectively overcome the shortcomings of the original particles, and some even heat temperature up to 120 degrees, can be used as a microwave oven equipment materials.

Electronic field:

In order to save oil resources and reduce the Earth's greenhouse effect, and further expand the application of polylactic acid from renewable biological resources, many Japanese companies have conducted in-depth research on the application of PLA in the field of electronic and electrical appliances and achieved remarkable results.

NEC Notebook Parts Materials NEC has developed a high-performance PLA/KENAF composite, which is a modified PLA, which improves PLA's resistance to abrasion, heat resistance, rigidity and flame retardancy.

The "Lavie T" laptop component, which was sold in September 2004, was further extended to "Lavie Tw,versapro" Computer components in 2005.

Notebook computer shell material of Fujitsu Corporation of Japan 2002 Japan Fuji with the company listed in the "Fmv-biblo NB" series of the infrared receiving part of the notebook computer 0.2 of the quality of pure polylactic acid accessories. In 2005, Fujitsu's Spring laptop "Fmv-biblo nb80k" was used in the case of the PLA/PC alloy, which was developed by Fujitsu Corporation of Japan, Fujitsu Institute of Japan and 3 companies of Japan Toray Company, and the casing weight was about 50% 600g,pla. Compared with the use of petroleum resins, only one of the shell can save about 1L of the use of consumption. The carbon dioxide emissions in the life cycle of the entire product can be reduced by about 15% compared to the current resin when the recycled resin is treated in a thermal cycle.

Fujitsu's newest laptop has almost 93% of its shell, using PLA resin.