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Alginate fibre

Dec 10, 2020

Seaweed fiber is a kind of man-made fiber, which is made from alginate extracted from some brown algae in the ocean.

The far infrared radiation rate of the seaweed carbon fiber material made of seaweed carbon fiber by special technology can be as high as 90% at 35℃, which belongs to the high value far infrared radiation rate material.Far infrared ray radiate can make the molecule movement inside the cell lively change produces resonance, make the warm feeling that produces inside the body.This activity gives the cell life, and the cell is full of life.

Far infrared ray irradiation can make the human blood resonate resonance, and promote the vibration of the water molecules in the body, the thermal reaction of the friction between molecules, and promote the rise of the subcutaneous temperature.The effect of heat expansion and cold contraction makes the microvasculature dilate, accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, eliminate harmful substances in the body, and quickly produce new enzymes, so that the physiological function of the human body more active.


Carbon fiber and algae rather than using ore do raw material fiber belongs to the raw material made of natural plant, its wastes can biolysis return to nature, polluting the environment, seaweed carbon fiber far infrared radiation and produce anion efficacy, alginate fibre with moisturizing ingredients to the skin and minerals of calcium and magnesium has the effect of natural beauty.In the biochemical technology continues to progress, these will have the function of heat preservation, health and beauty of the fiber, and the actual application and popular fashion, color, style and other design combination, will be able to get the favour of broad consumer and the use, with the further promotion of health, environmental protection concept, believe in the near future the life of people and this peculiar fiber has a closer relationship.