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Advantages of biomass particles

Aug 12, 2020

What are the advantages of biomass particles?

1. It is a kind of natural biomass pellet fuel. Clean and environmentally friendly. It can replace city gas, and the water content is low. High combustion efficiency.

It can save speed. After high temperature compression, it saves space and is convenient for packaging and transportation.

3. High combustion efficiency: it can improve the combustion efficiency, and the thermal efficiency can reach more than 80%. One ton of biomass particles is equivalent to 0.8 tons of coal.

4. Very safe when burning. Biomass pellet fuel comes from a variety of biological products and wood chips. There are no chemicals. Therefore, it will not cause poisoning accident, explosion accident or leakage accident.

5. Sustainable utilization. After burning biomass particles, the ash will be used as a good fertilizer. It can be used in all kinds of plant fertilizer without pollution to the environment.

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