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Advantages and disadvantages of non-woven bags, environmentally friendly paper bags and canvas bags?

Oct 26, 2018

Non-woven bags are light and thin, easy to carry after folding, rich in color, various thickness options, raw materials are non-woven fabrics; lowest price; easy to be broken down; environmentally friendly bags that have always been popular;

The characteristics of environmentally friendly paper bags are crisp and sleek, exquisitely printed, rich in color, not easy to fold, poor in solidity, raw materials are mainly paper, poor waterproof performance, moderate price; no film is easy to be decomposed; it is also very popular among some people;

Canvas bag, as its name suggests canvas material, is environmentally friendly and easy to disassemble; its characteristics are strong and wearable, and the price is more expensive, but it has a long service life, can be washed, and lasts for a long time; in recent years, it has been favored by some powerful enterprises; Fully enduring high end;

Production process: non-woven fabrics and canvas bags are cut, printing and sewing such a process; paper bags also have a process of cutting, the back printing, folding glue is generally mechanical automatic completion