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Silicone Bag Vacuum Sealing Bag

Product Details

Quick details of silicone bag

Product Name: silicone preservation bag vacuum sealing bag

Materials: food grade silicone food bag

Capacity: 1000ml

Color: various colors are available

Features: food grade material, foldable, fresh-keeping and no taste

Uses: vegetables, fish, meat, soup, snacks, nuts, cereals and other food can be stored fresh.

1. It is portable, easy to store, foldable and space saving

2. Sealed and leak proof design, fresh keeping and moisture-proof.

3. It can be put into the refrigerator to keep fresh, and can be used in different colors.

4. Food grade silica gel is nontoxic, odorless, safe and environmentally friendly.

5. The service life is more than 30 years under normal conditions.

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