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Wood Pellet Fuel Is Environmentally Friendly And Renewable

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Wood Particulate Fuel is Environmentally Friendly and Renewable

Application: Heating System

Diameter: 6-8mm

Shape: briquette

Wood particles can be used for:

1. For family use: cooking, barbecue, residential heating, harness, cat litter, etc.

2. Industrial use: industrial boilers, biomass gasifiers, power stations, etc.

Regarding wood particulate fuel:

1. Wood particulate fuel is renewable and does less harm to our environment.  It will not add more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, because it absorbs the same amount of carbon during growth as it releases when consumed as fuel.  Wood particle fuel is an important energy source and the world's most important fuel after coal, oil and natural gas.

2. Biomass pellet fuel has high purity and does not contain other impurities that do not generate heat. Its carbon content is 75-85%, ash content is 3-6%, and water content is 1-3%. It absolutely does not contain impurities such as coal gangue and stone that do not generate heat but consume heat, which will directly reduce costs for enterprises.

3. The biomass pellet fuel does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, and does not generate sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide during combustion, thus not causing acid rain, polluting the atmosphere and the environment.

Protect the earth

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