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Pellet Fuel Heating System

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Wood ball fuel heating system

Application: Heating System

Diameter: 6-10mm

Shape: briquette

Regarding wood ball fuel:

1. Biomass fuel is a massive environment-friendly new energy produced by processing straw, rice straw, rice husk, peanut shell, corncob, camellia oleifera shell, cottonseed shell, etc. and "three leftovers".  The straightness of biomass particles

The diameter is generally 6-10mm.

2. Wood particulate fuel is renewable and does less harm to our environment.  It will not add more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere because the amount of carbon it absorbs in the growth process will disappear as fuel.

The amount of carbon released is the same.

3. The calorific value of a ton of wooden balls is about one and a half wooden threads, which is easy to accumulate in one third of the space.  This makes it easy to store fuel for the whole season.

4. As the shape is particles, the volume is compressed, the storage space is saved, the transportation is convenient, and the transportation cost is reduced.

To protect the environment

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