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Environmentally Friendly Fuel Wood Particles

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Wood Particles for Environmentally Friendly Fuel

Application: Heating System

Diameter: 6-10mm

Shape: briquette

Regarding biomass particles:

As a new type of particulate fuel, biomass particles have won wide recognition for their unique advantages.  Compared with traditional fuels, it has not only economic advantages but also environmental protection.

The benefits fully meet the requirements of sustainable development.

Use of biomass particles:

1) Feed for livestock in large farms is easy to store and transport;

2) Civil heating and living energy are clean, pollution-free and convenient to store and transport;

3) Industrial boiler and kiln fuel, instead of coal and gas, to solve environmental pollution;

4) can be used as fuel for gasification power generation and thermal power generation, and solves the problem of shutting down small thermal power plants.

Environmental protection

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