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Bio-pellets Are An Eco-friendly Fuel

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Bio-pellets are eco-friendly fuels.

Application: Heating System

Diameter: 6-8mm

Shape: briquette

Wood particles can be used for:

1. For family use: cooking, barbecue, residential heating, harness, cat litter, etc.

2. Industrial use: industrial boilers, biomass gasifiers, power stations, etc.

Regarding bio-particulate fuels:

1. Wooden ball fuel is an unlimited source of environmentally friendly fuel.  This is a clean burning and stable cost alternative to household heating.  Burning wood particles is a good way to transfer millions of tons of waste from landfills and the wood industry and convert them into energy.  Their free flow characteristics make them easy to operate and are ideal for automatic heating systems.

2. Wood particulate fuel is renewable and does less harm to our environment.  It will not add more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, because it absorbs the same amount of carbon during growth as it releases when consumed as fuel.

3. Wood particle fuel is an important energy source and the world's most important fuel after coal, oil and natural gas.  Anyone engaged in this industry is actually contributing to the earth, which is the home of mankind.

4. The calorific value of a ton of wooden balls is about one and a half wooden threads, which is easy to accumulate in one third of the space.  This makes it easy to store fuel for the whole season.

Protect the environment

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