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Quick Details Of Men's And Women's Travel Bags

Product Details


Quick Details of Men's and Women's Travel Bags

Origin: China (Mainland)

Features: light, stylish, versatile

Dimensions: customized according to customer requirements

Applications: Daily, Travel

Custom Order: Accepted

Quotation time: within 24 hours

Supply capacity of PLA straw

Availability: 100000/month

Our service

We make customized products. In order to quote you the most accurate price, can you tell me this?

1. Quantity

2. Materials

3. Size (L * L * cm/in)

4. Color, how many colors do you want to print?

5. Surface finishing, matte lamination?

6. If you have design photos, please send them to us for reference, or our professional designers can design for you free.

Our service

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